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Friday, June 29, 2012

More About The Project

This is a "Kickstunter" project. I have dubbed it thus because Kickstarter hates Finland. (Seriously - they'll happily accept my money, but not let me run a Kickstarter project myself.)

About the project 
The aim of this project is to spread 50 small pieces of Owly happiness worldwide by posting hand-written cards.

My owl has never sold a single one of his $100 limited-edition fine art prints (I can't imagine why!?) so he is looking to redeem himself. This project will also fund Owl's replacement, since he sure hasn't earned his keep so far and is living on borrowed time.

What's with the Owl? Actually, I was merely being silly when I created the Owl. But unexpectedly, he made quite a few people laugh and a few people smile. Since that's my favourite thing to do, here he is in all his glory. His full name is "Owl With No Feet", and that's because I didn't notice he had no feet until I went to "sign" the "artwork".

Who's the artist anyway?
My name's Elisa, and here's my profile on Google+. I'm a real person. http://goo.gl/Xza1r
I'm an Aussie-Brit who lives in Helsinki, Finland.

How is this different to a shop?
This Owl card is limited. It was going to be a Kickstarter, to fund the next "awesome artwork", so even though it's on Blogger instead, I'm keeping the essence of it and limiting this to the first 50 Owl cards sold. Once we hit that, no more Owly-cards. It'll be time for a new hero - "How Excitement!"*

*Not a typo.

Why should I?
Because you get to be a part of something fun? Or perhaps because you want to send a card to a friend? Just for a smile? And possibly cheaper than an overpriced local coffee?

Why else?
Part of this project will fund a loan with Kiva.org - that awesome place which provides low-cost loans for people all over the world. Your purchase might end up supporting a young family in keeping its kids in school!

What else should I know?
I even reduced the prices. On Kickstarter they were going to be higher. But I figured you guys are trusting me here; so I both lowered the prices AND have gone with a simpler-to-use payment method.

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