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Friday, June 29, 2012


Spreading small pieces of happiness world-wide, contained in a handful of art.
The reward: your mailbox smiles upon you with a real treasure from Yours Truly!
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Progress so far:
2 Owl cards (of 50)
12 Cards (total)
8 Supporters
Kiva loan: $12 ($25 needed)

Purchase Options:

For only $5, receive a hand-written random postcard purchased from a shop in Helsinki, Finland. Will include a Finnish postage stamp bought from the shop down the end of the street. Message might be about the local weather or possibly the price of socks. 

For only $8, score yourself a hand-written postcard of Owl himself. Owl will write a personal message on the back. Or more likely, he will ask his artist to do it on his behalf, since Owl doesn't have any feet and it's really hard to write with a beak.

For only $9, you get a postcard of my anime-fanatic daughter's artwork. She now has three designs available. You can see them by visiting the Blog Archive on the right. Owl will ask her to write her name on the back of your chosen design. She might end up writing her actual name, but might alternatively be whichever trendy made-up-name she is fond of this week. You can check out other samples of her work or follow her on Google+ here: +Art By Karu. Owl notes that this option is likely to be far more valuable than himself. Hrmph.

Click to choose:

For only $17, you receive a custom-designed, hand-written postcard of your favourite animal. It must be an actual animal, you can't just ask for a jabberwock with eleventy-bajillion sharp teeth. Note that the end result may or may not look anything like your intended animal. It will be posted on Google+ as a public thank you, where 19 000+ adoring fans can be ever-grateful for inspiring such a work of art. You will also join the Owl Hall Of Fame, which might get dragged out now and then to show the world all the wonderful people who have supported art.

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